Mar 21, 2009

Tomorrow's World video

Greetings Floydians.

Here's a cool video of Tomorrow's World, talking about Mike Leonard's light machines, and with the Floyd (with Syd) playing music behind them.

It says it's from December 1967, but I strongly believe this must have been made much earlier, like maybe late 1966. I explain why in the Youtube comments (find "kingtarkus"), but it's mainly because Rick's still using the old Farfisa Deluxe that would have been long replaced by the Compact Duo in '67 (also interesting: this is presumably the only footage of Rick playing the old Farfisa Compact Deluxe.)


Blogger K.C. said...

this is just the kind of thing I wanted to see in "Always Wright." Shine on, you crazy diamond.


21/3/09 6:34 PM  

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