Jun 26, 2016

{{SOLD OUT - Thanks for Coming Out!}} PIGS - Pink Floyd Tribute Shows Across BC this Summer 2016


Very excited to announce that PIGS will be touring British Columbia this summer. We will be playing 9 dates, bringing Canada's Most Authentic Pink Floyd tribute show across BC in July and August.

PIGS are bringing an epic and rare treat for Pink Floyd fans - the band will be covering 47 years worth of Pink Floyd's legendary repertoire from 1967 to 2014, ranging from the band's earliest release to their final album; from the psychedelic misadventures of Arnold Layne to the final float down The Endless River.

In addition to classics from legendary albums such as Dark Side Of The Moon, Wish You Were Here, Animals, and The Wall, the band have many surprises in store, including material that has rarely, if ever, been performed live by the real Pink Floyd.


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